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The Future Of MW

MW is not just going to stay as a clothing brand and will make a big impact in many other industry's. Whilst doing this we are going to be documenting everything so that you can see what goes on and get behind the scenes. The videos will be available on the MWClothing YouTube.

Spread a message.

Whilst MW grows we want to share our message.'' You have to change yourself before you change the world.'' What i mean by that is that you should get yourself and your life together before you start helping anyone around you.

Clothing for charity.

As the brand grows we want to make clothing where all profits go to a charity.We have a couple in mind, but at the moment we do not want to start doing this as we are not reaching enough people and it would not make the impact that we want it to. As soon as we think we are reaching enough people we will release clothing where the profits will go to charity.

Modern farming

As the population increases the food demand can not keep up as there is not enough space. This is a major issue. We want to either make our own or partner with a company to make a organic farm that can be stored in warehouses but has the same treatment as out on the field. This is quite a complicated idea but we think it is possible and are ready to do anything to make it possible.When we complete this task we want to try and produce enough food so we can open a food shop with organic and cheap food for the public.

MW shop

As the brand expands and grows with the number of clothing we have and the number of customers that buy and support we want to open a store somewhere in the world.The store shouldn't only be to come in and just buy the clothing but you should also be able to hang out i the store almost like a coffee shop.

Sponsor athletes

When i was a kid i always wanted to get sponsored no matter who the sponsor was. Sadly that did not happen but i want to make that a reality for others and so that is why we want to sponsor people from what ever sport or thing your doing.

Clothing that can read heart rate

We want to make clothing that can act like a smart watch.You put it on and it reads your heart rate and how many calories you have burned and all the things a smart watch does but in clothing.This may sound uncomfortable but we will try our best to make this clothing as comfortable as possible.

Build a Modern City

This sounds like a crazy project but we think it possible.We would want to hold 10,000 people at the start and then hopefully we can expand when the city starts to grow. We would also love to make a virtual world where you can have fun with friends and be able to experience a whole different reality 

Help the world

Whilst doing all this we would love to also just be able to give to as many people in need as possible and maybe even hopefully end things like world hunger or homelessness. And if not end it then lower the numbers to as close to 0 as possible.

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